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        Since facing corruption problem these days is much more complicated-the government considers “solving corruption problem” National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) was established according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E.2540

There were overloaded cases in NACC. The government has established the Executive organization in preventing and suppressing corruption named “PACC” according to the Executive Measure Act on Anti-Corruption Commission B.E.2551



         An excellent agency in mobilizing and integrating anti-corruption in the Public Sector in order to raise the level of Thailand’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).


  1. To cultivate and raise awareness on anti-corruption for all sectors for creating public consciousness, avoiding patronage system and conflict of interest as well as having public responsibility mind.

  2. To mobilize good governance in state agencies’ operations.

  3. To create measures and integrate corruption prevention from all sectors’ participation.

  4. To improve a standard and reliability of the witness protection and whistle blower system.

  5. To integrate corruption case management by linking the digital database with other auditing organizations.

  6. To strengthen and develop professionalization for personnel competency.

  1. To cultivate and promote moral and ethical awareness in all sectors.

  2. To mobilize a Good Governance in public sector.

  3. To integrate all sectors participation to fight against corruption.

  4. To develop the witness /whistle blower protection and Intelligence system.

  5. To develop and integrate investigation and inquiry mechanism as well as law enforcement to be effectively.

  6. To develop organizational management and personal competency for raising awareness to people and reach a high performance organization standard.


Good Governance Enhancement and Anti-corruption Clinic

(PACC Headquarters and PACC office area 1-9)

  1. To receive complaints and give advice/suggestion. 

  2. To resolve state officials’ problems to prevent corruption in public sector that happen to state officials or the organizations.

  3. To enhance good governance in public sector for state officials and civil society.

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